Vobile's media tracking and analytics software provides fast, reliable metrics to truly understand viewership behavior for your content anytime anywhere.

Precise Tracking for TV Commercials & Promotions

Gaining market intelligence requires tools to help you automatically track and understand advertisement data.

AdTracker™ tracks TV commercials, movie trailers, show promos, and infomercials across broadcast and cable networks to help brands validate content runs as planned.


  • Enables marketers to validate campaign data and scheduling compliance cost effectively
  • Gives marketers insights to rapidly respond to competitor’s activities and make better business decisions
  • Increases brand visibility and customer loyalty by providing near real-time data updates

Revolutionizing The Home Entertainment Industry

Pay Per Transaction® (PPT®) allows retailers to acquire “new releases” of popular movies on a lease instead of a wholesale purchase basis. This breadth and depth gives video retailers a competitive edge over other rental sources like kiosks, streaming services or by-mail subscriptions and helps you better satisfy customers—leading to additional rentals and a higher per ticket average.


  • Increases profit, with less risk
  • Grows your distribution channel with trusted reporting and analytics
  • Helps make effective decisions and plans with comprehensive views of video consumption intelligence


  • Increases profit, with less risk
  • Takes advantage of the exclusive window over by-mail and kiosk
  • Improves sales efficiency with tools to monitor and analyze day-to-day rental and sales activity