In the evolving video consumption landscape, you need a partner to help you manage and control your premium video content, regardless of where and when.

Create a Unique Interactive Environment

The growing trend of Interactive TV requires tools to help stimulate and enhance audience experience.

mSync® enables audiences to interact with movies or TV programs using mobile devices, so content producers not only increase viewership of original content, but also gain valuable metrics to create dynamic new forms of interactive entertainment.


  • Increases viewership and engages with a wider demographic
  • Fosters brand loyalty and uncovers a new revenue stream for 2nd screen advertising
  • Gains insights on consumer viewing behaviors to help administer strategic business decisions

Control Your Online Video Destiny

ReClaim™ has the tools and services to help online content owners control, claim and collect for their original videos anywhere in the world.


  • Increases revenue opportunities by identifying and matching more videos in a short amount of time during its peak viewing cycle
  • Simplifies the claiming process with a content identification system that produces 100% reliable returns and zero false positives regardless of audio or video quality
  • Reaches a global audience, collects valuable universal insights and facilitates monetization on content uploaded via media sharing sites worldwide