The unauthorized use of content on the Internet is at an all time high and the need for content owners to protect creative works becomes increasingly important. 

Perform critical discovery, verification, review and enforcement tasks automatically and cost-effectively using Vobile's content protection solutions.

Global Protection for Original Content

VideoTracker® provides global protection and management of original audiovisual content. Using our patented digital fingerprinting technology, VideoTracker® performs critical tracking and measurement tasks to stop the unauthorized publication of digital content across all media platforms.


  • Monitors all major video sites worldwidefor unauthorized content distribution 
  • Detects unauthorized copies of content regardless of audio and/or video quality and does not misidentify unrelated content as infringing
  • Ensures and enforces compliance within minutes of unauthorized content identification and continues to monitor infringing sites after take-down notices are issued

Accurately Identify Content on Your Site

As user uploaded media on the Internet continues to rise, publishers need an underlying content identification platform to identify user uploaded videos in real-time.

MediaWise® is an automated audiovisual identification system to help publishers capitalize on online media while eliminating copyright infringements. 


  • Expands publishers’ premium ad inventory and increases revenue opportunities
  • Reduces legal liability by preventing video sharing site users from uploading infringing content
  • Saves on the operational costs using an accurate and quick automated process