Manage, claim and collect on your premium online content.

For every official brand video uploaded to video sharing channel, there are over 100 user-generated versions, generating 10x the views. Content owners today earn just a fraction of the total ad revenue generated on their original content. If the content is yours, don’t let it earn revenue without you. 


Increases revenue opportunities by identifying and matching more videos in a short amount of time during its peak viewing cycle.

Simplifies the claiming process with a content identification system that produces 100% reliable returns and zero false positives regardless of audio or video quality.

Reaches a global audience, collects valuable universal insights and facilitates monetization on content uploaded via media sharing sites worldwide.

Key Features


Short Clip Recognition: Discovers and matches manipulated or degraded audio/video that other content identification software typically misses.

Comprehensive Discovery: Monitors all major video sharing sites on the Internet.

Claim Optimization: Claiming technology lists thousands of copyrighted content at once to help process claims quickly and more efficiently. 

Customizable Reporting and Analytics: Creates custom data tracking points that fit within your organizational workflow.