Solutions to help content owners, distributors/retailers, broadcasters/advertisers discover new revenue opportunities.



Increase revenue with lower risks in home video distribution.

Enables content owners to reach new distribution channels using a revenue-sharing platform.


  • Revenue-sharing model enables content owners to increase home video revenue, purely incremental to their existing revenue streams.
  • A trustworthy measurement and auditing system integrated between studios, distributors and retailers.
  • Content owners can reach new distribution channels.
  • 24/7 web portal access to sales and rental transactional activity.

Manage, claim and grow revenue for your premium
online content.

Empowers content owners, MCNs and brands to manage and optimize channels and premium online video with accuracy and scale.


  • End-to-end channel management helps increase organic reach.
  • In-depth content consumption analysis provides data to help better connect with audiences promote your brand.
  • Fast and accurate media identification maximizes revenue potential.
  • Thousands of copyrighted content listed at once to help streamline the claims process 

Revenue-sharing platform for digital/retail video distribution.

Increases the breadth and depth of inventory for digital distributors and independent video retailers.


  • Distributors and retailers can increase home video revenue, purely incremental to the existing revenue streams.
  • We measure and audit every transaction by directly integrating with point-of-sale systems and servers.
  • Increase the breadth and depth of movie titles to attract new customers.
  • 24/7 web portal access to sales and rental transactional activity.
Broadcasters, Advertisers

Precise tracking for TV ads and brand elements.

Identifies and tracks advertisement, logos, graphics, etc. across broadcast networks to help brands interpret ad data and validate content runs.


  • Monitor TV channels worldwide and extend market coverage.
  • Flexible platform adapts as brands grow and expand business needs.
  • Validate content runs with fast and accurate content identification.
  • Analytics provided within seconds to help drive data-driven decisions. 

Create a unique interactive environment.

Enables programming executives to create interactive shows that engage viewers using 2nd screen technology on mobile devices.


  • Increase viewership through multi-screen, interactive programming.
  • Establish new revenue streams for 2nd screen advertising options.
  • Gain insights on viewing behaviors to help administer strategic business decisions.
  • Promote viewer engagement by providing instant access to exclusive program information.